Have You Been Hacked? Check Now!

Every day, it seems, we learn of yet another hack exposing our passwords and other private information to cyber criminals.

Sometimes the hacks are international, sometimes local. But every time it happens, vast amounts of sensitive data end up in the wrong hands and we all of us need to take responsibility for reacting immediately and effectively to protect ourselves.

The first step of course is to find out “Has my information been compromised, and if so what?” We’ll show you how to check that online – quickly, easily and at absolutely no cost. The important thing is to do it NOW!


In May this year data the ViewFines website was hacked, exposing a database containing the passwords, cell phone numbers, email addresses and I.D.s of 934,000 South African drivers with traffic fines. “If you think you may be at risk from the ViewFines data leak, read this article for more detail

Last year the databases of several large estate agencies were hacked into and over 60 million records of personal information including IDs were exposed. New hacks are reported with depressing regularity, so this is clearly a growing phenomenon – not just in South Africa but globally.

Have I been hacked?   

Troy Hunter is a globally acknowledged cyber security guru who picked up this breach. His website will tell you if you have been hacked – during this or any of the many other global hacks over the years – and if so when. Check it out on the “Have I Been Pwned?” website.

Enter all of your email addresses and you may be unpleasantly surprised by the results.

What should I do?

Check all your passwords. If your password for ViewFines.co.za (or any other hacked website) has been used for other accounts, then you are at risk.

Troy Hunter also offers an excellent service in terms of password protection. Have a look here.

The Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI) will help South Africans in terms of helping secure our private data, but only when it becomes effective.